Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fun Film Fact 07/21/11

In every Pixar film there is a section towards the end of the credits called "Production Babies." The "production babies" are the babies of everyone who worked on the film that were born during the production of the movie. For instance the were 58 babies born during the making of Wall-E, including three sets of twins.

Alexander & William, Amelie, Asher, Atlee, Ava, Avery, Berge, Cohen, Cora, Dillan, Dylan, Ellen, Emma-Brie, Emma Jane, Emma June, Esha, Evija, Flora, Friederich, Giorgia, Hailey, Harper & Griffin, Jack, Jackson & Parker, Jenna, Jonathan, Katie, Kayla, Keilani, Leila, Liam, Logan, Luca, Lucie, Maeve, Maya, Nasreen, Noah, Parisa, Peter, Phoenix, Reina, Sadie, Sequoia, Tais, Tessa, Tobian & Ellarudy, Tomas, Victoria, Violet, Violet Grace, Vivien, Vouk, Zumis

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