Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fun Film Fact 07/24/11

John Ratzenburger has a part in every Pixar movie.

Toy Story: Hamm, the piggy bank

A Bug's Life: P.T. Flea, the ring-leader of the bug circus

Toy Story 2: Hamm, the piggy bank

Monsters, Inc.: The Abominable Snowman

Finding Nemo: School of Fish, the fish that mime objects for Marlin and Dory

The Incredibles: The Underminer, the evil mole at the end of the movie

Cars: Mack, the 18-wheeler

Ratatouille: Mustafa

Wall-E: John, the human

Up: Tom, the construction foreman

Toy Story 3: Hamm, the piggy bank

Cars 2: Mack, the 18-wheeler

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