Monday, June 6, 2011

Lord of the Rings Special Event

About a month ago it was announced that the Lord of the Rings extended editions would be re-released in theaters for one day only in order to promote the movies coming out on Blu-Ray. Naturally, when I heard this news I was SO excited. I was 9 when the first one came out. I know tons of young kids saw them in theaters but, at the time, I had no interest. I like to tell people that I was preoccupied with the #1 fantasy franchise of the decade and so the #2 franchise passed me by.

I have a mental list of movies that I wish would be re-released in theaters because I know they will be amazing on the big screen, Lord of the Rings being among them. I think I'm most excited to see Fellowship because I know The Shire and Rivendell (my two favorite locations) will be absolutely gorgeous.

If you haven't seen these movies, this is a great opportunity to get hooked. They are some of the most epic movies ever made and, like most epics, their splendor will be multiplied a hundred-fold on the big screen.

Here are details:
  • They will be playing in participating AMC theaters across the country. Click here and scroll down this page to find a link the list of participating theaters.
  • They are being released on three consecutive Tuesdays: Fellowship on June 14, Two Towers on June 21, and Return of the King on June 28.
  • They will be TOTALLY AWESOME.
I have my tickets. Do you have yours?

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